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Hey hey!

We are now in Lisbon looking around in the city.
Koen left us a couple of days ago and we picked up Kathas friend Dale at the airport two days ago.
So we are still three people =)

We met up with two other friends, Max and Julia and went checking out the nightlife in Lisbon yesterday!
It was really nice, but we kinda missed the part when we were gona check how far it was from Belém where we had parked the car.
It ended up with a 2 hours walk one way, But we were Happy and we got lot's of exercise ;)

We were surfing and chilling at the beach almost the whole day yesterday and it was really nice.
We even built a sand castle!

tomorrow night Dave and his friend is gonna come and we'll pick them up on the airport.
Then on friday we'll have a beach party close by Lisbon and then we'll travel south.

That's the plan for now and I think it will work out nicely.
Lisbon is a beutiful city and the people here are very nice.

With sunny greetings

Katha, Dale, Sofia

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Now we are here!!

We're sitting in a internet café chilling a bit in Cascais.
The weather is awesome and the water cold, but that's just good =)

The trip went fine, but it took a bit longer time, cause we didn't want to take any big roads thet you have to pay on...

We came here to cascais yesterday and today we are fixing some stuff.

We'll right a bit more when we've been here a couple of days.

see ya dudes!!

Katha, Koen, Sofia

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On our way...


Hello! It's Sofia writing =)

Me and Katha left Berlin yesterday at 13.30 and started the trip to Deen Haag, Netherlands.
We got a bit lost, but arrived at 22.00 at Koens place where we spent the night.

Today we walked around in Deen Haag locking at famous buildings and chilled.
We are now packing Koens stuff in the van and soon we'll be on our way down to France.

We'll probably go near by the coast down to Portugal, but let's see whats happens on the way.

Peace out and we'll write soon again . :)

Sofia, Katha, Koen

ps. check the photos. ;)

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the country of the dutchees

we're in holland, everything is cool ... :)

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Bus Stops

go catch him


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